We provide a framework for delivering tDCS sessions. This includes:

  • Nuraleve hardware and software for delivering tDCS sessions
  • In-depth training on tDCS and session delivery
  • My Account web portal for account management , usage, and billing
  • Support for technical, supply related, and other needs

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The programs involve different equipment, training, and the therapies require different electrode placements on the scalp.
Our device is Health Canada licensed for the treatment of chronic pain. We also provide you with everything you need to get up and running to deliver tDCS sessions. We provide ongoing support, supplies, and training whenever needed.
The Nuraleve delivery system consists of a state-of-the-art tDCS device controlled through Bluetooth®, and a PC or Android software application.
Training consists of an introduction to tDCS, clinic operating procedures, and hands-on training. The length of training sessions is based on the number of attendees, and typically takes half a work day.
My Account is a web portal that has usage information, billing, account management, and all supplementary resources needed for delivering tDCS sessions.
We offer 9-5 phone and email support. Support is provided for everything from technical requests, accessory requests, to general tDCS information.
Each session is 30 minutes long. We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions, but the number of sessions will depend on the patient.
You have:

  • a high-speed internet location available at the location of anticipated tDCS sessions
  • a point-of-sale system
  • a staff member available to train in the program
  • a PC with Windows 7 or above available or Android 4.0 and above device
  • a health information privacy policy in place
Some private insurers cover it under existing programs.
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