What is Painrelief?
Painrelief is a non-drug approach to chronic pain reduction. It reduces the duration and intensity of chronic pain. It uses the Nuraleve SmartStim M1000, a Health Canada-licensed platform for the treatment of chronic pain.

How does it work?
Painrelief™ employs the latest advances in neuromodulation technology. It applies a targeted weak electrical current to the scalp to stimulate a region of the brain responsible for the management of pain. Painrelief ™ is non-invasive, and has been shown to be safe in hundreds of studies looking into a variety of conditions. Consecutive daily sessions offer the best results.

How is Painrelief different?
Over time, chronic pain causes structural and chemical changes in the brain. Painrelief™ gently stimulates specific regions of the brain, helping to reduce the perception of pain.

What to expect from your Painrelief treatment
Painrelief™ is a 10-day program that takes only 20 minutes of therapy each day, given over 2 to 4 weeks. The potential side effects of Painrelief™ are mild and transient. They include:

  • itching
  • burning sensation
  • slight skin irritation on the scalp

Other temporary mild side effects may include: drowsiness, headache, concentration problems, mood changes, nausea.

Is Painrelief right for me?
Transcranial direct current stimulation, the technology underlying Painrelief™, has been shown in studies to significantly reduce chronic pain, including that associated with:

  • fibromyalgia
  • diabetic neuropathy
  • chronic headaches

You may not be eligible for Painrelief™ if you have any form of metal in your skull, have a history of seizures, you are pregnant, you have a history of head injuries.

Ask your doctor if Painrelief™ is right for you.

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