NorDocs Technologies Launches SmartStim for Cravings™

Ottawa, Ontario — April 29, 2013—NorDocs Technologies announced today the launch of the SmartStim for Cravings™ program. This professional service is designed to support existing smoking clinics as part of an overall smoking cravings reduction program. SmartStim for Cravings™ is a complete suite of services designed for clinics to facilitate the client session from start to finish.

“Our team has over 25 years of experience operating addiction clinics. We have taken that expertise and designed an offering specifically with the needs of the clinic in mind”, said Stanley Shapiro, MD, Co-Founder and CEO, NorDocs Technologies. “As we continue to develop our core technology, we are developing the functional tools required to make our technology easy to use in a real-world environment”.

SmartStim for Cravings™ is a turn-key solution that enables the clinic to offer an additional service to help smokers reduce cravings. The program has been developed around the NorDocs SmartStim™ device for conducting non-invasive transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). The device connects to the SmartStim™ software, an application that controls the device and integrates into the client visit software, via Bluetooth. This computer software then connects to an encrypted cloud storage for events, alarms, and device usage statistics.

“We are very excited to make this professional service available to smoking clinics and we believe that we have put together the right product offering to give the clients the best chance of success,” said Shapiro.

SmartStim for Cravings™ includes fully-integrated client booking and tracking software, technical support and training of professional clinic staff. The program is compatible with existing billing and client record software systems currently used by addiction clinics, allowing for seamless billing procedures.

About NorDocs: NorDocs was founded by addiction medicine physicians with the purpose of finding a better way to address key challenges in addiction. The company has focused its efforts on the development of a non-invasive neurostimulation platform and the protocols for specific medical indications, beginning with the nicotine and narcotics dependency. NorDocs currently offers a smoking cravings program to smoking clinics and will be offering a smoking cessation treatment program following medical device license approval later this year. Located in Sudbury, Ontario with R&D in Ottawa, Ontario, NorDocs currently sells directly to smoking clinics in Canada and is in the process of developing international distribution partners.

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