NorDocs Technologies Honoured at Exploriem’s Bootstrap Awards

Ottawa, Ontario—February 21, 2013—The Exploriem Entrepreneur Network awarded NorDocs Technologies the bronze award for Innovation in Engineering and Technology at the Bootstrap Awards 2013. The annual ceremony was hosted at the Ottawa Convention Centre to celebrate entrepreneurs in the Ottawa and Gatineau region who have successfully founded new enterprises through self-funding or bootstrapping.

“It is an honour to receive this award,” said NorDocs CEO Stanley Shapiro, MD. “At NorDocs we have built a creative and productive environment. Our focus is on developing a workplace that is challenging and fun.”

The Exploriem Bootstap Award for Innovation and Engineering goes to companies that apply scientific and engineering expertise to solve an everyday problem with a self-invented solution. NorDocs was nominated for the prize by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) run by the National Research Council Canada.

“We operate as a fast-paced company where a diverse set of knowledge, skills and experience come together to make up our collaborative product team. We have assembled a group of highly intelligent team members from science, engineering, management and medicine,” said Daniel Shapiro, R&D Manager. “Together we build products to help people, beginning with the reduction of cravings for smoking cigarettes, and continuing along our long-term research and development path.”

About Exploriem: was founded in 2001. It is a registered Canadian non-for-profit professional entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs organization. Exploriem develops and accelerates start-ups and other enterprises by providing exceptional entrepreneurial services to its members. Its goal is to mentor, teach, and conduct research, hold events and network. Exploriem also provides early stage funding and office space to assist in furthering entrepreneurship in Canada and around the world.

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About NorDocs: NorDocs was founded by addiction medicine physicians with the purpose of finding a better way to address key challenges in the field of addiction. The company has focused its efforts on the development of a non-invasive neurostimulation platform and the protocols for specific medical indications, beginning with the nicotine and narcotics addictions. NorDocs currently offers a smoking cravings program to smoking clinics and will be offering a smoking cessation treatment program following medical device license approval later this year. Located in Sudbury, Ontario with R&D in Ottawa, Ontario, NorDocs currently sells directly to smoking clinics in Canada and is in the process of developing international distribution partners.

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