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Our programs include a complete set of tools to facilitate the client experience from start to finish. Our service provides a turn-key solution including the delivery system, comprehensive staff training, account management, supplies, and complete support to bring the program into your clinic. Our services are easy to use, and come fully integrated to work with the systems you already have in place.

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Nuraleve Delivery System

We provide a complete package that includes tDCS hardware and software capable of delivering a standard treatment with options to set a range of parameters. This is an integrated, packaged solution that new and existing clinics can implement easily.


In-Depth Training

We offer a comprehensive training program for our providers, with training tailored to specific types of medical professionals. Our trainers will provide information regarding the My Account web portal, set-up and application of tDCS, and accompanying documentation.


My Account

The My Account application is a simple customer-facing interface where Nuraleve Providers can view account summaries, manage assigned devices and view usage and billing details. Our software records progress, provides assessment guidelines, and integrates all forms.


Complete Support

At Nuraleve we believe that your business should never go down. We offer technical support during business hours to all Nuraleve Providers. We will assist you with all your technical needs — software, hardware, communications, and supplemental training to ensure sessions go as planned.



Making it easy to gather all of your necessary supplies, Nuraleve also provides you with all of your resupply needs. We can provide 100% of necessary consumables used during painrelief and craverelief sessions.

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